Patron ID System

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The Patron Identification (ID) System is powered from the premises existing CCTV system or with a 12 volt adaptor that is supplied. The Patron ID System fully integrates with the premises existing CCTV system.

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This system does not scan or extract information from the documents examined that may risk unauthorised comparison with other information sources or store information on any form of external data base. The information is stored on the premises central CCTV system only, and therefore can not be compromised through hacking, computer theft or other inappropriate accesses where the premises has appropriate systems in place. Patrons are asked to produce their document for examination, which is placed beneath a high resolution CCTV camera built into the unit. The colour LCD screen fitted to the top of the unit increases the document size, allowing the document to be better examined. The LCD also shows the person examining the document what is being captured by this CCTV camera and what is therefore being recorded on the premises central CCTV system, avoiding any concerns over reflecting light from the document that may obscure the patron’s date of birth. The unit has been fitted with both soft and UV LED lighting to allow the document to be properly examined and security features to be viewed by the person responsible for approving the document. The unit will except all forms of documents produced by patrons (including passports) and can either be placed on the front counter or be attached to wall on entry to the venue. The unit has been designed to take all precautions to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988, allowing the information to be stored securely on the central CCTV system, with the information only being retained for as long as necessary, consistent with the collection purpose.