The Security Providers Association of Australia (SPAAL) offers an alarm monitoring centre certification scheme to comply with the requirements of AS2201.2. (2022)

The certification inspection will be carried out by an independent inspector appointed by SPAAL.

Certification of the Monitoring Centre is predicated upon the applicant having obtained a copy of AS2201.2 (2022) and determined their grading requirements associated with the Standard. Grade A is the highest building services and construction standard, Grade C is the lowest. Grade 1 is the highest operation, equipment and staff performance standard, Grade 3 is the lowest. The grading of a Monitoring Centre is a combination of both attributes of building services and performance.

A copy of AS2201.2 can be purchased from Standards Australia

SPAAL Certified Alarm Monitoring Centres

JD Security, NSW – A1

Naskam Security Services – A2

SPAAL is not responsible for companies that change their operation following certification.

For more information, download application or please contact SPAAL on 1300 369 433 or email