The Deputy Premier of NSW has introduced the Security Industry Amendment Bill 2022 to the NSW Parliament.

The Bill makes amendments to the NSW security industry legislation, including:

  • changing Class 1 licence subclasses to reflect the discrete industry role types identified during the last review of the national Security Operations training qualifications
  • changing the definition of “crowd controller” to capture activities performed at additional relevant places
  • changing penalties for offences under the legislation to better reflect the comparative seriousness of each offence
  • further tightening the visa requirements for licence eligibility
  • authorising SLED to publish details of enforcement action it has taken and licences it has revoked
  • creating additional obstruction related offences
  • providing that Master licence holders will no longer need a Class 2B licence to sell security equipment or services, enter into contracts, etc.
  • introducing additional prohibitions against unsuitable persons being employed in certain roles within the security industry.

The Bill, the associated Explanatory Notes, and the Deputy Premier’s Second Reading Speech are published on Parliament’s website:

NSW Security Industry Amendment Bill 2022