Queensland’s Digital Licence app is set to be trialled in Townsville in late 2022, followed by a statewide rollout in 2023.

Through the app, Queenslanders will have the option to store their driver licence, marine licence and/or photo identification card easily and securely on their mobile devices.

The Digital Licence app is a legal and legitimate form of identification, offering users a safe and convenient way to digitally share and validate their identity with businesses. It is optional and opt in, so customers will continue to receive the physical cards for their licences and photo identification as they are renewed.

How to verify a Digital Licence

The Digital Licence can be verified by checking for visual security features like the pulsating Queensland Coat of Arms or the last online refresh date. Using your own Digital Licence app, or a Digital Licence Verifier app, you can also scan the QR code provided by the user’s app to verify it.

Additionally, customers will be able to export a digitally signed PDF of their information so that businesses and organisations can store it in their systems.

Support for businesses

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is developing a new business pack to support businesses to use and promote the digital licence at their business. The pack will become available to download from the digital licence website in the lead up to the Townsville trial.

To learn more, visit the Digital Licence websiteregister for updates or email digitallicence@tmr.qld.gov.au.