The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is developing a Digital Wallet to allow Queenslanders to store Government issued credentials and products securely on their mobile phone. The first products to be trialled will be Photo ID cards, Learner Driver Licences and Recreational Marine Licences.

The Digital Wallet will be piloted in a regional location in late 2019. In preparation we’re wanting to talk to businesses about how they use these credentials. This will help to ensure we are as inclusive as possible and design a solution that meets our customers’ needs.

To assist this, our research provider will be recruiting a range of businesses that currently utilise credentials (for example sighting, copying or scanning a driver licence or Photo ID card prior to conducting a transaction). To ensure an impartial and confidential approach we will utilize a third-party recruitment agency to secure candidates for research. SPAAL members may be contacted to participate.

Initial research will be conducted throughout May, with on-going research activities through to the end of 2019.

TMR will also be engaging regularly with stakeholders in the pilot region in the lead up to the pilot, with information packs, training materials and face-to-face visits to ensure the community and all stakeholder groups are ready for the pilot.

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