The Victorian Parliament passed the bill on 21 March 2024, the Act will now go to the Governor for Royal Assent. The Private Security and County Court Amendment Bill 2024 is a Bill for an Act to amend the Private Security Act 2004.

  • provide a single licensing system for all private security workers and businesses, by removing the requirement that some activities require a registration and others a licence. All activities require a licence under the Bill;
  • streamline and simplify the application process for private security licences and impose a new requirementfor refresher training prior to renewal of licences forsome private security activities;
  • allow any person aware of concerns about a holder of a private security licence to make a complaint to VictoriaPolice;
  • set out requirements for obtaining consent andproviding written notice in relation to sub-contractingarrangements, with attached offences for failure to comply;
  • provide for the development of a code of conduct for private security workers, enforceable by disciplinary action;
  • require a risk management plan to be prepared by a person or business prior to private security workers starting work;
  • clarify provisions in relation to the appointment of Special Counsel in licence suspension hearings at VCAT where protected information is required to be managed.

Private Security and County Court Amendment Bill 2024 – EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM

Private Security and County Court Amendment Bill 2024